The Backstory of Oliver Hart

***Oliver Hart***

As a boy, Oliver Hart was known to many of his friends as Mikey. He was a creative mind and was always writing poetry. His parents supported his creative endeavors but as peasants they could not afford much and needed Oliver to help make money for the family. Oliver never found that he was especially good at any skilled trade but he was a charming boy who had a way with words. More often than not he could hustle his way into a few pieces of bronze without much work at all. By the time he was 13 everyone in town knew Oliver, and his hustle and charm weren’t working on the same people quite as well. Growing frustrated, Oliver decided to seek the advice of one of the village elders, a man named Chaka.

Chaka was impressed with the boy for having the mind to seek his advice and he decided to let him in on a little secret; Chaka was a warlock and possessed great powers that allowed him to travel the universe and obtain more wealth than Oliver could ever dream of. Oliver was skeptical but decided to see what Chaka could teach him. Chaka told Oliver about Rakim Allah (The Great Old One) and explained that he only became acquainted with Rakim Allah when he was on a spiritual journey and was greeted by an entity that offered him great power. He was transported between planes, into absolute infinity. There he would see in the distance an object shining brightly, almost glowing. After floating toward it for what felt like years his hand reached out and grabbed a necklace made of bone and hemp cord. When he put on the necklace he was returned to his physical body. From the moment he opened his eyes his brain was flooded with knowledge and he absorbed it all. Over the years he would learn how to use this knowledge in ways he could have never imagined and his connection to Rakim Allah grew until it was a flame inside of him the size of Gaia itself.

Chaka was old and he knew that his time on this plane was nearing an end. He never wanted to pass this gift on to anyone but he felt a connection to Oliver that he knew was more than familial. It was universal. Over the next 10 years he helped Oliver explore the universe through a series of spiritual journeys. He taught Oliver to fight and encouraged him to be prepared to defend himself and those around him at a moments notice. Oliver took to the spiritual side quickly but found he was not a great fighter. He earned several scars from his desire to improve; including one large scar that started at the top left of his forehead and worked its way diagonally to the right side of his jaw. Oliver knew that Chaka was nearing the end of his days and spent as much time as he could at the side of his spiritual adviser. With winter fast approaching it was clear that Chaka would not last another season and as sun set on the first day of winter, Chaka called to Oliver. Oliver took his seat next to Chaka but when he sat down Chaka’s physical body disappeared leaving behind a necklace made of bone and hemp cord. With tears in his eyes Oliver reached out and grabbed the necklace, in that instance he absorbed the power and knowledge of Chaka, along with the gifts bestowed to him from Rakim Allah.

Oliver decided his spiritual journey now required a physical one and began roaming the world. Being so young Oliver was still prone to scamming and hustling but he only did what he must to survive. He wasn’t sure where his travels would take him but he knew he wasn’t meant to stay in one place.

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