A Murderous Update

The world of Murder Dice is now a bit more terrifying. We have a few updates and wanted to take a minute to tell you about a few things. First, we have a new logo! One of our very talented listeners, Gaylon Douglas (@galenkuro), worked closely with the Murder Dice crew to come up with an amazing design. If you haven’t seen it by now it is the D20 Mimic and it is the hottest logo on the planet. Please see below:


In honor of this awesome new logo dropping we have added some new loot to our store! We have a limited run of Murder Dice posters that are hand embellished and numbered. These are limited to a total of 20 posters and will sellout so don’t wait too long to get yourself one. In addition to the poster we have new stickers and a button pack that you can get for very reasonable prices. Please be sure to check out the store and grab something on your way out! Shirts with the new logo are forthcoming, we hope to have them very soon. Please be sure to hit us up and let us know what you think of the new logo and how you’re enjoying the show! We appreciate your support more than words can express, you are the reason we keep doing this! Thank you Murderers!



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